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Godley-Snell Research Center

Overview of Services

The Godley-Snell Research Center (GSRC) is a Core research and teaching vivarium on the Clemson University Campus. The GSRC is managed by the Office of Animal Resources (OAR), which provides advanced technology and equipment and highly skilled professional and technical staff that meet or exceed the standards of research compliance and accreditation.
OAR strives to promote excellence in all research and teaching programs at Clemson University while promoting the highest standard in ethical and responsible use of research subjects. OAR provides high quality veterinary care programs, professional and technical support, education and training, and technologically advanced facilities and equipment for research and teaching activities.
OAR’s goals are to enhance the Clemson research programs by providing:

  • comprehensive support of internally and externally funded research and teaching programs
  • excellent facilities and a wide variety of high quality professional and technical services
  • education and training in research techniques for investigative staff, students, various health professionals, and the public
  • management or supervision of the veterinary care and use of all animals maintained by Clemson University and its farms in accordance with applicable regulations and accreditation standards


John H. Parrish | University & Attending Veterinarian

Melody C. Willey | Program Manager

Emily Waggoner, DVM | Food Animal Veterinarian

Location and hours of operation


Monday - Friday:  8am - 12:00 pm; 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Hours outside of these can be scheduled if needed by contacting the staff for approval.


Links and Resources

  1. Office of Animal Resources