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Godley-Snell Research Center

Overview of Services

The Godley-Snell Research Center (GSRC) is the core research and teaching vivarium on Clemson University's main campus. GSRC is managed by the Office of Animal Resources (OAR) and provides advanced technology, equipment, and highly skilled professional and technical staff to assist researchers in completing complex biomedical studies.

The OAR strives to promote excellence in research and teaching while promoting the ethical and responsible use of research subjects.  OAR’s goals are to enhance the Clemson's research programs by providing:

  • comprehensive support of internally and externally funded research and teaching programs
  • excellent facilities and a wide variety of high quality professional and technical services
  • education and training in research techniques for investigative staff, students, and various health professionals
  • management and supervision of the veterinary care and use of all research models maintained by Clemson University in accordance with applicable regulations and accreditation standards.


Matthew Breed, DVM | University & Attending Veterinarian, OAR Director
864-656-1850 (office)

Heather Holliday, MBA, CMAR | OAR Assistant Director
864-656-0908 (office)

Tina Parker, BS, LATG | Clinical Facility Manager
864-656-6917 (office)

Hours of operation


Monday - Friday:  8am - 12:00pm; 1:00pm - 4:30pm

Contact the GSRC staff for approval of activities conducted outside of normal business hours.


Links and Resources

  1. Office of Animal Resources