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Aquatic Animal Research Laboratory (AARL)

Overview of Services

The AARL is an IACUC authorized and AAALAC accredited CORE University facility. The Clemson Aquatic Animal Research laboratory is a full service aquatic research laboratory with qualified technicians to support your research efforts.

The Facility is operated under the Office of Animal Resources within the Division of Research. Veterinary care and services are provided by Dr. John Parrish DV, attending university veterinarian. The Facility Manager is John Smink

The Aquatic Animal Research Laboratory is a dedicated 4000sf facility comprised of 12 individual animal rooms. The facility has a zebrafish quarantine laboratory, general wash room, water quality and processing laboratory, and a microscopy laboratory for embryo injection, screening, sorting, incubation, and imaging. The Facility offers several lines of zebrafish for researchers whom do not need their own cultures. For those researchers who need their own culture, space is available on our CORE multirack centralized zebrafish system. Animal husbandry services are provided to all fish on the CORE systems. The Facililty also provides complete animal husbandry and aquatic system maintenance for researcher with their own systems and cultures.  Stand alone zebrafish racks are avaible to researches when a project requires isolation or differing water quality parameters from our CORE systems.  The facility also has centralized system to house other small finfish species such as fathead minnow, mummichogs, platyfishes, swordtails, Japanese medaka, and cichlids.


Matthew Breed, DVM | University & Attending Veterinarian, OAR Director
864-656-1850 (office)

Heather Holliday, MBA, CMAR | OAR Assistant Director
864-656-0908 (office)

John A. Smink | AARL Facility Manager
Office Phone: 864-656-7162 | Cell: 864-903-2838

Location and hours of operation

Hours  Location

Monday - Friday: 8am-5pm 

 Poole Agricultural Center
 130 McGinty Court
 Clemson, SC 29634

Links and Resources


Name Role Phone Email Location
John A. Smink
Facility Manager
AARL room 26
Kate Walker
Facility Lead Technician
AARL room 19